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We are redefining risk management with our independent research of the Australian property market. Using our advanced algorithm, RiskWise reviews equity & cash flow risk, helping our clients make informed property decisions.

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Record projected or actualrental income and costs for arealistic view of the cashflowreturn from your rentalproperty.

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Reviews your capitalinvestments and associatedcosts for guidance on the realprofit of your capital property investment.

Owner Occupier Stress Test Calculator

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Assesses your financialposition and the impact of lifechanges due to work, family orillness which could result in income loss


Mar 16, 2018
A buoyant Melbourne housing market is leading to healthy long-term investment options for savvy homebuyers, despite predictions of ‘doom and gloom’ by some property pundits.
Mar 13, 2018
Welcome to the Danger Zone. Are you a gambler, a risk-taker, enjoy life losing six-figure sums at the casino? Well, you could very well do so if you don’t think long and hard about your property purchases. Check out our latest blog on the perils of making dangerous decisions when it comes to investment properties    
Mar 01, 2018
In what RiskWise Property Research describes as “a systematic failure”, close to a quarter of property ‘hotspots’, rather than delivering for investors, have incurred negative capital growth, while two-thirds underperformed the market benchmarks
Feb 22, 2018
Housing in high-crime areas across Australia are outperforming the property market, according to RiskWise Property Research.The research house discovered high-crime areas, despite expectations, were trumping their safer neighbouring suburbs when comparing their five-year growth to the city’s median    
Feb 21, 2018
Five Melbourne suburbs have been identified as strong growth areas for housing by RiskWise Property Research. Sunshine West, Albion, St Albans, Kings Park and Keilor Downs on the western outskirts of the city have been confirmed as key areas for excellent affordability, low vacancy rates and limited supply.
Feb 08, 2018
We’re living in a post-property-boom era, in a time when the term ‘off-the-plan’ starts ringing alarm bells. With almost all capital cities suffering from potential unit oversupply, RiskWise has compiled a list of the top 100 most risky suburbs across the country.
Jan 23, 2018
An unparalleled new technology released by Riskwise Property Review gives buyers and industry professionals the ability to make smarter and safer property decisions at the click of a button.

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